Swirskii Mite Sachet (on stick) PREORDER
Swirskii Mite Sachet (on stick) PREORDER

Swirskii Mite Sachet (on stick) PREORDER

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PREORDER: PICK UP 3/31-4/2. No refunds for sachets not picked up by 4/2. 

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Sachets contain ~250 Mites Each. 

From Sound Horticulture:

DESCRIPTION: Amblyseius swirskii is a predatory mite native to the coastal regions of the Middle East and North Africa. It has 8 legs on a 0.5mm pear shaped body that varies in color from tan, light yellow, or even dark red to purple depending on the type of prey they are consuming.

TARGET PEST: Whitefly, thrips, spider mites, russet mites and broad mites

USE IN BIOLOGICAL CONTROL: It is an ideal product to be used in crops that are grown under protection in warm conditions, such as peppers, cucumbers, gerbera and aubergine. It prefers mainly young stages of whitefly and thrips and consumes about 5-10 prey per day. It will also consumer most species of pest mite and can survive on pollen in periods of low prey availability.

LIFE CYCLE:   In warm and humid conditions swirskii can reproduce quite rapidly -at 25 °C (77 F), the entire cycle from egg to adult can take less than 7 days. The mites go through three immature stages: larva, protonymph, and deutonymph, before becoming adults. All mobile stages are predatory. 

APPLICATION RATES: 12-20 per sq ft, biweekly or as needed.


Sachets: Make sure the crop and floor are dry when applying to avoid moisture entering the sachet packaging. Do not hang adjacent to heating pipes or where exposed to direct sunlight. Mites emerge for 3-6 weeks.

Use within 18 hours of receipt.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Do not refrigerate.
For loose material, keep horizontal until use.
Transport and store at >59°F and at >65% humidity.