Mounted Blue Star Fern on Cork

Mounted Blue Star Fern on Cork

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Phlebodium aureum

This variety of fern sports blue-gray fronds with a wavy texture. When the plant is young, the fronds are uneven in size and shape, and they grow from the base of the plant in a random pattern. As the plant matures, it develops larger fronds with a more uniform and consistent structure. Typically reaches a mature height of about 2 feet, sometimes taller. Thrives in less humid conditions than other ferns, which makes it an ideal houseplant. The Blue Star Fern is also an epiphyte, meaning it does not require soil to grow and does well as a mounted plant. Native to tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America. 

Bright indirect light.
Soil should be kept evenly moist. this plant does not enjoy being overly dried out. 

Mounted plants cannot be shipped.