Bonide RTU Super Soap

Bonide RTU Super Soap

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Insecticidal soaps have been a popular and effective way to get rid of insect pests for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. BONIDE Insecticidal SUPER Soap ups the soap game tremendously by adding some Spinosad to the mix. Spinosad is a product of a naturally-occurring soil bacterium that attacks an insect's nervous system and causes paralysis and death - add that to the suffocant/desiccant qualities in traditional soaps and you have a real killer combination in this SUPER Soap.

Key Features:

  • Works in minutes to kill listed insects
  • NOP compliant
  • For use on vegetables, citrus, herbs, berries, fruit and nut trees, turf, container plants and ornamentals

Suggested Uses: Use to control dozens of common insect pests on plants as well as for curative control of powdery mildew. For outdoor residential use in home gardens, on lawns and ornamentals, and in non-commercial greenhouses. Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, for commercial seed production or for research purposes.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Adelgids (Wooly Aphids), Ants (excluding Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Pharoah's Ants and Carpenter Ants), Aphids, Armyworms, Beetles (including Colorado Potato Beetles), Borers, Caterpillars, Chinch Bugs, Codling Moths, Earwigs, Fruit Flies (including Spotted Wing Drosophila), Gypsy Moths, Lace Bugs, Mites, Mole Crickets, Plant Bugs, Psyllids, Sawfly Larvae (e.g. pear and rose slugs), Scale Insects, Spider Mites, Tent Caterpillars, Thrips, Webworms, Weevils (including Black Vine Weevil) and Whiteflies.

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