mission statement

Why shop at The Plant Store?



First and foremost, what would the plant store be without plants? Our goal has always been to share our passion for plants with people. That includes selecting only the highest quality plants to make available to our customers. We check for over-all plant health and vigor, quality of the media, and make sure the plants are free of pests or disease. After-all, we want people to be successful with their plants and not send them off with a rehab project!



Even before the 2020 boom in the house plant industry, prices were pretty much all over the place. The Plant Store was founded on the idea that prices should reflect their true cost and not the "hype" market value. We price all of our plants based of what we pay for them. So, you may see our prices go up or down but we feel that staying dynamic is a testament to our transparency. Several plants are also grown in-house at our local grow space. Growing our own plants, even the most common, gives us the opportunity to offer the most competitive prices with typically even better quality. We also feature a pay-what-you-can section of the plants that is updated weekly for our in-store customers. We want plants to be accessible to all and not just those that can afford them. So, you pick the price on these plants and we will be happy to oblige.


Community, Education, and Mental Health

Our store is located in a small neighborhood south of Seattle proper that is often overlooked. Our goal here is to make our space feel as inclusive as we can. We support black lives, BIPOC, those with disabilities, and are proudly a queer owned business (a non-exhaustive list).

We provide free education for all via videos on social media, in-store consultation, and lecture-based plant science classes. We believe in spreading knowledge and helping people to not only be the best plant parents they can be, but to understand the science behind our plants and products as well!

Every weekend we give out free roses (while supplies last) to promote mental health. Why? Because everyone deserves a rose, everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Maybe a little flower can brighten your day, perhaps remind you of a fond memory, or even just show that someone cares about you. For a little bit more of a boost, our business cards feature a rotating affirmation that is changed every week. Besides, what else are the backs of business cards good for?


Our motto is, "Love Plants; Love Each Other". When you support a small business you support a dream; you support a small team of individuals making an equal and fair, living wage; you keep taxes local to be re-invested back into the local community.