Wabi Kusa Class

Wabi Kusa Class

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~1 hr 

There is no literal translation from Japanese to English for “Wabi Kusa.” However, “Wabi” refers to designed elements—such as in the design style of “Wabi Sabi”—and “Kusa” refers to “green,” “nature,” or “grass.” An example of the latter can be found in the term Kusamono (“Little Grassy/Green”), which refers to the pieces that usually accompany Bonsai. Wabi Kusa is a form of aquascaping that combines the use of aquatic and terrestrial plants to create a little slice of nature in glass. In this class, you learn the basics of Wabi Kusa design and create a piece to care for that will evolve over time. The class fee covers all necessary materials, but you are encouraged to bring your own vessel or dish if you prefer, along with any special accent pieces you’d like to use, such as fragments of wood or stones.

The price of the class here includes all of the materials that you will need to take a complete terrarium home with you. There are no additional costs associated with this class.

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