Tube Terrarium Class

Tube Terrarium Class

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~1.5 hours 

6in tall x 3in diameter class tube with glass lid. 

Go on an adventure with us into miniature landscapes with this terrarium building class. 

In this workshop we will be constructing mostly self-contained, mini tube tube terrariums planted with true terrarium plants. The plant selection differs from other terrarium classes because we will be using species that actually stay small and thrive in high humidity environments. We will also be making these terrariums bio-active with the addition of beneficial organisms. These bugs will help to keep your mini landscape fresh and recycle nutrients. 

You can expect to get a thorough education on our plant selection, substrate, watering, light, beneficial organisms, and overall general care for your creation. Once set up, minimal care is needed to maintain outside of occasional pruning, fertilizing, and adding water. Because we are working with a mostly closed and self-contained environment, you will only need to be hands on a few times a year to keep your terrarium looking fresh and lush. 

The price of the class here includes all of the materials that you will need to take a complete terrarium home with you. There are no additional costs associated with this class.

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